Freedom Manor

Freedom Manor is a uniquely charming facility with architectural interest located in the Broad Creek Historic District of Fort Washington, Maryland. The Manor is available for meetings, conferences, celebrations and events. We are also available for history tours, pop-up restaurant events, mystery and escape room activities.

Freedom Manor is situated on a three acre parcel that was once part of the Harmony Plantation which is one of the oldest colonial plantations in the country. There were 60 documented slaves that worked, lived and died on this property. Many stories have been told about other aspects of American History however, the stories of slaves are seldom heard. In addition to our role as a Fort Washington event facility we also sponsor events with local politicians, educational and  entrepreneurial workshops and community activities.

You may have noticed the major renovation activities that have taken place at Freedom Manor over the past year. We upgraded the parking lot, replaced the roof, landscaped the facility and updated many of the fixtures on the inside. We no longer host the well known Freedom Farmers Market but Freedom Manor is once again, Open for Business.

If you are interested in scheduling and hosting an event at our facility, please contact us at (301) 203-0619 to schedule a tour.

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